Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Elephants

We went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary last week.  Please go there, to the website that is (click on the name).  For the animals, more than 800 acres now are set aside as a haven--safe, vast, restorative.  Lions, tigers, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, sheep, llamas, birds, a camel, and all:  we viewed them from up high so as to reduce their stress.  After bad lives, good people are helping them.

The same week I read about a rangers-and-armed forces, anti-poaching-and-community strengthening brigade in Mali for the protection of elephants.  Sgt. Djibril Sangare, a ranger with the brigade, said he has learned how to stay calm under the constant threat of attack, finding strength in the mission.  Sgt. Sangare said, "The work, it is love."
(See the New York Times, October 29, International, p. 8)