Saturday, January 30, 2010

one more, once more

one more winter view

once more, winter

This week has been very cold.  Yet, the light is noticeably longer in the sky when I leave the studio to go home.  These two may be the last snow landscape paintings of winter:  still winter, the fields and trees not opening much yet.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

at the point of the thaw

There was a thin strip of thawed, green ground showing, which I quickly sketched.  Back at the studio, a small pastel painting, from the sketch, took on paths of its own:  its own small world.

the stillness of two deer

Friday, January 22, 2010

small world

misty,  january

Here is another 8x10-inch landscape painting, pastel and charcoal and some graphite on paper.  I call these little paintings small world landscapes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

late afternoon lighted river birches in the winter treeline

I suppose you have your own idea/image of a treeline with river birches lighted by the late afternoon sun.  You can conjure your own image now;  my image follows the mourning dove painting below.

a mourning dove returned last week

Mourning doves come and go in our yard during the winter.  We hadn't seen any for awhile.  This dove came around last week to feed on the seed I'd scattered on the ground, but also appeared later on the deck rail, turned into the west-blowing wind, turned toward the window where I watched.  Here I've sketched the mourning dove on a branch, turned.  Pastel, charcoal, graphite, and gouache are in the sketch.  The size, 5x5 inches, is the same as dove-images at  Maybe this mourning dove will become a Toughdove.

river birches, winter (spring)

If your eyes move fore-to-aft, side-to-side, color-to-color here, good, I'm glad.  The sun was setting and highlighting the river birches, but also there was somehow a bit of spring-coming in the site, in the sight.  I tried to get some sense of that spring-titillation.   Does this image at all merge with your own of river birches in a treeline?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

january, park

I was the only one there.  Not even a squirrel appeared.
A highway is just beyond the trees; there is an orange plastic snowfence sprawling just left of view.  My thumbnail sketch from this site is quite active--lots of pencil marks and instructions.
Some of the quiet of the place has come through in this pastel-on-paper version that I did later in the day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

january, path

We have had a lot of powder-light snow this winter.  Yesterday, some more came down.  This pastel sketch, though done quickly, recalls a still, quiet place, west of town.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

wonderful Ivo's poem

Look at this wonderful poem that Ivo sent us for the new year. It is so light-stepping amid thought thickets:

To think is: to show, to let appear

But not in figures, forms of sound and light—
It’s to go back into the very letting

Which is when anything appears—
For this appearing. What is

Toward appearing is: a Weirdness
Suffering whose truth is—thinking, is

Smartness that soothes the steep
Weirding of the Weird—(open: “majestic”)—

Whose instress is sheer (nothing but)
Parting: Stillness returning

Falling to itself, mildly: the one and only
Irrevocable Gift. Thanking which

Is thinking: foundering answer, There to the
Silently greeting

Towardness in all “shows itself.”
                                                                        -Ivo De Gennaro   ©

Ivo lives in a mostly German-speaking part of Italy. Still, his English is good, really good. How to account for Ivo’s jokes in English/ about English, like firecrackers in our conversations when he visited? Lighting up words in such a way, he must just delight much in them!

By the way: the “weirdness,” Ivo tells M, gets to a thought thought in German. And “instress,” yes, he tells M, is from Gerard Manley Hopkins. I think “majestic” is a generous nod to my New Year’s blog entry. And I think Ivo’s poem resonates with JT’s poem (in the December 13 blog entry). Do you “see” this too, and, also, more?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack Levine

January 9th is Jack Levine's 95th birthday.  Jack is a great painter.  I've followed his work and visited him infrequently ever since, years ago, I apprenticed with Ruth, a terrific painter, Jack's wife, Susanna's mother.

An exhibition of Jack's paintings will open at DC Moore Gallery in New York City:  this Saturday, January 9, is the opening reception and celebration of his birthday.  Let us honor him and (re)view his awesome works, in museums of many of the cities of the world or, for now:  Cheers, Jack!