Tuesday, January 1, 2013

for Fran

mare and foal
pastel, charcoal, gouache/ paper

New wobbly legs, this foal has, next to its mother's gracefully curved confirmation.  A new year ahead for both of them.  Of course, a new year for us today, 2013.

I'm thinking of Fran:  that she go into the year as both, the mare and the foal.  Fran, who carries distanced perspectives--from her learning of history and her love of the best of history--and delicious detail with her into every room she goes.  Her details we all enjoy when she cooks, when she weaves, when she (wryly) comments and converses.  I think of her especially because of her health.  We have hope for her foal, her health, in the new year.  If Fran outlives us all and looks back at this  (wobbly) encomium with graceful forbearance,  may this image of a foal and mare, still, have some charm for her!