Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fox in our midst

gray fox sketch

A gray fox appeared in the misty evening, near Wellfleet on Cape Cod.  As we drove slowly around --because the mist near the ocean was so beautiful-- we saw two other gray foxes!  Magical, these sights.

A gray fox has a bit of red on its head.  It is said to be less timid than red foxes, that it can climb trees, gosh, because it has strong, hooked claws.  It likes transition areas between habitats.  "Our" foxes were between the ocean, below, and the cliff upon which we were driving, upon which a few houses were situated.

This was a month ago, and the magic stays with me.
Tonight on the news and in the newspapers this week, there is commentary on a new study of the place or diminishing place of the humanities in university life.  No one even comments on the place of magic anymore.  Humanities is a bit more measurable than magic, but not much more.  Measurable studies are gaining in measurability and in demand.  Magic roams between.