Friday, February 8, 2013

Who's that bird?

mourning dove
pastel, charcoal, graphite, glue/ paper

Lenn asked today if this bird was up on my site.  I call him Valentine Dove, and he seems to me still, but also somewhat between coming forward and turning backward, and a bit supercool, a bit gentle.  I wondered who this kind of "bird" is, who his valentine could be. (Remember your Valentine next week, the 14th!)  I never really know what kind of bird will come on to the page when I start.

"Valentine" likes it at Lenn's, that is, at Lenn and Michael's shop called Wealthy at Charles..  He is also seen at , but like several birds before him, he prefers flying out into the world from the shop.  Word is that Michael is a terrific cook. 

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