Sunday, January 10, 2010

wonderful Ivo's poem

Look at this wonderful poem that Ivo sent us for the new year. It is so light-stepping amid thought thickets:

To think is: to show, to let appear

But not in figures, forms of sound and light—
It’s to go back into the very letting

Which is when anything appears—
For this appearing. What is

Toward appearing is: a Weirdness
Suffering whose truth is—thinking, is

Smartness that soothes the steep
Weirding of the Weird—(open: “majestic”)—

Whose instress is sheer (nothing but)
Parting: Stillness returning

Falling to itself, mildly: the one and only
Irrevocable Gift. Thanking which

Is thinking: foundering answer, There to the
Silently greeting

Towardness in all “shows itself.”
                                                                        -Ivo De Gennaro   ©

Ivo lives in a mostly German-speaking part of Italy. Still, his English is good, really good. How to account for Ivo’s jokes in English/ about English, like firecrackers in our conversations when he visited? Lighting up words in such a way, he must just delight much in them!

By the way: the “weirdness,” Ivo tells M, gets to a thought thought in German. And “instress,” yes, he tells M, is from Gerard Manley Hopkins. I think “majestic” is a generous nod to my New Year’s blog entry. And I think Ivo’s poem resonates with JT’s poem (in the December 13 blog entry). Do you “see” this too, and, also, more?

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