Thursday, January 21, 2010

late afternoon lighted river birches in the winter treeline

I suppose you have your own idea/image of a treeline with river birches lighted by the late afternoon sun.  You can conjure your own image now;  my image follows the mourning dove painting below.

a mourning dove returned last week

Mourning doves come and go in our yard during the winter.  We hadn't seen any for awhile.  This dove came around last week to feed on the seed I'd scattered on the ground, but also appeared later on the deck rail, turned into the west-blowing wind, turned toward the window where I watched.  Here I've sketched the mourning dove on a branch, turned.  Pastel, charcoal, graphite, and gouache are in the sketch.  The size, 5x5 inches, is the same as dove-images at  Maybe this mourning dove will become a Toughdove.

river birches, winter (spring)

If your eyes move fore-to-aft, side-to-side, color-to-color here, good, I'm glad.  The sun was setting and highlighting the river birches, but also there was somehow a bit of spring-coming in the site, in the sight.  I tried to get some sense of that spring-titillation.   Does this image at all merge with your own of river birches in a treeline?

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