Friday, June 4, 2010



Everyone who has come by the studio and seen this small painting on the easel--Eric, Sandi, and Deb come to mind--have immediately recognized and exclaimed "trillium!" as if they are heralding a fond, found friend. The trillium are wonderful in our woods.  In the early spring the woods are dark with leaf mulch and with the dampness of the winter melt, so that when these bright white big blooms on bold green leaves appear, they almost shine.  Welcome indeed, these friends.

While I was sketching up north some weeks ago now, driving around I saw hundreds of trillium covering the woods floor.  I brought sketches back of trillium and of the first northern orchard blooms.  Four small orchard paintings and some small sketches later:  only this week did I get to the trillium.

This trillium painting is gouache and pastel and some charcoal.  I hope it is lively, blooming here on the page/screen.  The three blooms with three broad petals nod slightly, I think, here at us.  And they nod to the time two weeks ago or more, when they were out there among us, out there among the trees.

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